Infinidouche Auditions – Season 1

Do you wanna be in Infinidouche Season 1? Well here’s some info on that:

1505 E Weber Dr #119, Tempe, Arizona 85281

March 7, from 5-9pm
March 9, from 12-5pm

Email for an appointment.

Character Breakdowns:
Main Roles:
Ty Ni Wong – male, Caucasian, has superb Asian accent. Isn’t afraid to be a little offensive.
Peter – male, upper 20s, Caucasian, sarcastic, able to change voice drastically
Veronica – female, 20s, love interest who isn’t actually interested. Kind of a bitch

Supporting Roles (only 1-2 episodes):
Boss – male, 30s or 40s, must be comfortable retaining awkward abrasiveness
Richard Face – male, 30s or 40s, news anchor, self-obsessed
Charles the Greeter – male, bald, old enough to look like a spoof on Patrick Stewart
Commercial Announcer – female, 20s, attractive, able to have sultry voice
Black Guy – male, black (obviously), looks intimidating preferably
Zeus – male, 20s or 30s, loud and offensive
Buddha – male, 20s or 30s, not Caucasian, skinny, reserved
Krishna – male or female, 20s or 30s, confident

Improv experience is highly preferred. All roles are primarily comedic, so please prepare a short comedic monologue and be prepared to read sides and do some improv!

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